The Portfolio of SI THU AUNG

Hi! This is Si Thu. I am Myanmar guy currently based in Singapore. I had worked in creative web and graphic design field over 10 years, variety of projects in the industry, and across many design sectors.

About Me

When I was a kid, I always love drawing on paper, specially comics, super hero characters and human figure, but it was at twelve years old I start studies drawing and painting. Then when I finished high school I start learning digital art and start competing in nation level painting and digital art competition. I've won 30 over awards at national level competition during 2002 to 2006. Most honored winning is MCPA (Myanmar Computer Professional Association) web design awards for 2005 and Myanmar Graphic Designer Award for 2006.
In early 2004, I start my professional career in Forever Group Company as a Web/Graphic Designer. I coming to Singapore in early 2007, work as Design Technologist at Tarazz Singapore. After 3 years at Tarazz, I moved to Ecquaria Technologies as a Senior Creative Designer and helping-out UI/UX design for e-government platform for Singapore, Brunei and Qatar government .
Beside my work, I love travelling, watching football match, formula 1 and movies. Also I love to draw Matte-Painting, personal digital artworks and explore new things on internet.

My Work Place

Work Process

I approach every projects with strategic and creative thinking, starting from sketch to create big ideas and best for user experiences. And I spend each day doing so by sharpening the tools of the digital trade. So the most creative design are the result of answering the questions. Success in a digital environment hinges on speed, strategy, creativity. At the heart of every successful project is an agile working with heart.

What I Do

I can do more than just build you a website or graphic work. I take your business strategy and help you decide how to make it work on the web, on mobile, print media and on social media. These are some of my ability that I can help you with. Your project begins with your digital strategy, which I will follow and treat with respect. If you don't have a creative strategy in place, I can help you to develop one.

Personal Artworks

I always try to improve myself by doing some digital artworks, reading tech articles or trying to learn new useful tips and techniques. In my free time I usually draw a graphic art and matte painting. Here is a selection of my art work.


+65 911 45 119

Woodlands, Singapore