Project Description

Fundi is an app that exists to make money transfers more seamless to their clients. Fundi is a marketing agency that helps generate more marketing leads and revenue for business owners. This app allows their clients to pay their monthly subscription, see how their business is doing in revenue and growth, and receive profits from their marketing campaigns. Fundi hopes to grow into an app that can be used for everyone and not just their clients.

Fundi Mobile App

Desgin Approach

The client wants to create the app design to be simple, clean, and modern look and feel with a lot of white space. The client wants to have a custom illustration on the onboarding page and create the information sharing to the user before login into the app. Additionally, the app displays essential information like reward earning points, earning milestones on a monthly basis, and the user can easily monitor transaction history, transfer money peer-to-peer accounts and I produce the app design the ideas based on an intuitive and efficient app that is easy to use.