Project Description

LocaleApp is an online localization and translation platform for website creators. LocaleApp enables business and app developers to automate, manage, and professionally translate content to create an efficient process and conquer global markets – simply and efficiently. LocaleApp helps content to automatically synced in development mode so that the user never forgets to submit a translation string. Operate on a global, international scale and leverage built-in expert knowledge of language specifics and particulars to get content across on the web and app environment.

Locale Translation App

Desgin Approach

The client wants to keep the existing WordPress template and customize colors, layout, and graphical background for the new design. My design approach is to keep it sleek and modern, and also minimalistic iconography to help understand the process of the Locale app. The iconography illustration is high impactful, flat, and efficient product explanation alongside modern web page design. This illustration highlights the processes and functions of Local applications such as - technical integration with the programming environment, attracting more global audiences, automating the translation process, and easily managing the progress of the projects. The simple and modern user interface helps to understand the application process and improve user experience.