Project Description

It's an opportunity to work on the New Zealand Natural project as a part of the work-integrated learning process for my master's degree assignment. Imagine New Zealand Natural (NZN) mobile app with AR (Augmented Reality) featured smart-menu design to let the customer choose their favorite flavors, offers promotion using mobile apps, and gives a unique experience to enjoy using cutting-edge technology while eating their favorite ice cream flavors. Therefore, in this project, I would like to introduce the app featured with AR technology which new way to interact with the customer to view a new menu, retrieve promotions, make it more fun, engage more user experience, and enhance service efficiency. In other words, this project intends to introduce the New Zealand Natural brand to integrate with the ‘smart retailing’ process which mainly focuses on AR menu function within the new mobile app.

New Zealand Natural Mobile App Image

Design Approach

As we are aware of the current trend and our daily experience, mobile apps serve many functions, and introducing New Zealand Natural mobile app will give customer opportunities to create their account, checking loyalty, reward program, and promotional activities, finding store location, and knowing the nutrition in formation on the fingertips. No ice cream brand has promoted and provided the experience of mobile apps to the client to interact with the brand directly. Therefore, giving the sense of the un ique experience of AR featured New Zealand Natural mobile app takes a big leap ahead of competitor brands and astonished by NZN forward thinking approach. I believe providing AR featured menu integrated into a real time environment and let the customer to control them on their touch screens will be the unique retail experience of New Zealand Natural.