Project Description

The app (Sun3p) is an innovative sensor-less personal solar radiation dosimeter based on satellite technology that continually measures the impacts of sunlight on the user's health and wellbeing in real-time based on geo locations. The consumers are able to track and monitor their sun exposure via the app in managing risk to sunburn (timer), Photoaging (%), and Vitamin D uptake(%). The app provides real-time weather information, product recommendation for now or can plan ahead, push notifications & alarms for the ultimate protection. Brands are able to promote their sunscreens or other products like body lotions/face creams etc. and will enable the perfect match for the consumer. The consumer will also be able to see where to purchase the next product in-store or in the implemented webshop.

Sun 3P Mobile App

Desgin Approach

The client wants the app design and colors to be clean and easy to understand with the right touch of emotion for the consumer. The consumers fill in the information such as weather, locations, what are they wearing? (e.g - sunglasses, hut, not the top, shirt, etc...), where is the user at the moment and how is their environment looks like? (e.g, open sea, pool, park, sandy beach, etc...). Based on these facts, the app shows the real-time information of sunburn risk, photoaging, and Vitamin-D uptake, and recommends sunscreens, lotions, and related products. Therefore, I propose the app design to reflect the client's requirement to use a summer look and feel. Using iconography to choose the users' information and attribute the content and recommendation.